Disinformation agent

Apparently I am one!

I think, mostly, because Clare Swinney (anti-NWO campaigner extraordinaire) seems unable to answer simple questions regarding the contradictory ‘facts’ she posts.

For example, she seems to be a long time believer in the ‘global warming hoax’. There is no global warming, it’s all a scam by the NWO and whatnot to do whatever it is the NWO want to do this week.

But she’s also a strong believer in chemtrails. And when those beliefs are at odds, what does Clare do? She ignores it. Here’s some irrefutable proof posted by Clare on the existence of chemtrails

Environmental consultant Mike Castle discovered the primary purpose behind chemtrails when he came across a practical patent for “Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming”.

There ya go. Chemtrails are being sprayed to reduce Global Warming. But, wait, doesn’t Clare dispute the existence of Global Warming? How does this contradictory position sit with her? Asking, it seems, brings out the famous cry of ‘disinformation agent!’

It’d be nice to try and nut these ideas out with her on her own blog, but, apparently, I’m banned. I’ve been thinking I should just start up my own conspiracy theory blog for ages now anyway, for, as much as I try to let it go, arguing with crazy conspiracy theory cranks is an itch I just can’t seem to stop scratching. Clare suggested I start a blog. I took her up on her suggestion.


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