No chemtrails over Cuba?

Apparently not!

Betty Hooper, the 90-year old Hikurangi resident, whose idea it was to start this Watch group, visited Cuba for a holiday in August and said she didn’t see any chemtrails in the Cuban skies. Likewise, it is apparent that Iran is not being chemtrailed either.

Well, how nice for her! But, really, is one holiday to Cuba really going to give you an authoritative overview of what’s going on in the Cuban skies? Maybe the weather wasn’t conducive to contrail formation. And there’s probably far less air traffic over Cuba than other, richer nations.

(And how does this relate to Iran? Why is it “apparent” that Iran is not being chemtrailed? Did Betty pop in there on her way back from the Caribbean? No explanation is forthcoming, although Clare does link to a nice video of American Rick Steve visiting Iran. I couldn’t see any chemtrails in the skies during the course of the video, so maybe that’s proof enough. Having said that, I watched an episode of UK show The Inbetweeners the other night, and didn’t see any contrails/chemtrails in that either.)

Anyway, a five minute browse through Flickr throws up these lovely images of the Cuban sky

Criss-cross chemtrails: La Habana, Cuba


Dissipating chemtrails over the coast: Varadero Beach, Cuba

HAARP activity visible in chemclouds: Santa Clara, Cuba


Ohmigod! Chembow crossed by chemtrail! Cayo Largo, Cuba

The sunrise photo is my favourite. Every time I see a beautiful sunrise/sunset photo now, I can’t help but think of this YouTube video, where self-professed cloud expert Liara points at what look like pretty normal (if not extremely picturesque) sunset photo, and proclaims:

…this is what they’re calling a cirrus cloud at sunset. I just about crapped my pants off!… I’ve never seen anything natural have this kind of a vibe.

The Fighting Temeraire, JMW Turner (1838)

Brilliant. They do the same sort of thing over at Pacific Chemtrail. It would seem any particularly vibrant orange/red sunset/sunrise is now automatically labelled as evidence of (non-natural) chemicals in the atmosphere (in the same way persistent contrails = chemtrails).

It makes you wonder what they’d make of Turner’s The Fighting Temerarie (painted in 1838). Without planes, just how did the Illuminati get all those chemicals into the air?

But, man, that Liara video really needs a post of its own…


11 thoughts on “No chemtrails over Cuba?

  1. Raymond says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth with this post. It makes you think what it would be like to spend a day as a chemtrail believer. They must feel so good thinking they know everything and are above us sheeple.
    That Liara chick must be on some great drugs, i must find me some of them!

    Here’s a few quotes from her.
    “here in Hawaii ,they cannot get away with the contrail excuse because the land mass is to small in the islands & it is not populated enough ,also the warmer degrees are not conductive for contrails,contrails prefer a cooler & dryer environment.. Friends,’I am telling you that cloaked “invisible to the human eye” chem trail dispensing aircraft /ufo/orbs are doing 95 % of the spraying in our atmosphere”

    “the chem clouds here are so believable ,so realistic and unusual to any other chem clouds on the mainland that unless you were a highly advanced & experience chem trail activist like me you would be fooled”

    Just brilliant!

  2. Yeah – it’s a bit confusing, Betty visited Cuba, but somehow Iran gets pulled into the story. (Not so many flickr photos available of Iran, unfortunately — not too many tourists seem to be making the trek that way).

  3. Ross M says:

    WTF and OMG!
    I thought it was only the NATO countries, or only the UN countries…
    It’s the Axis of Evil as well!
    We have to get the word out and alert as many people as possible.

    (No, I have not turned. I am poking the borax which is ironic really because the word is Persian in origin, and Persia is the name for modern Iran. Persia and Iran are used interchangeably in cultural contexts, but you can’t say that about contrails and chemtrails which are an Internet meme … and so on.)

  4. MikeC says:

    Here’s a good one – I recently saw someone ask iwhy there weer no “chemtrails” over China – clearly it is because the Chinese only “switch on” over the evil west…….

    Air China over St Petersberg –

    and in case someoen suggests they dont’ exist over siberia –

    and this one covers both bases – Air China over Siberia –

    Beautiful photos!

  5. MikeC says:

    As for Iran – maybe there are few or no contrails over Iran – but their jets still make them – see

    “sky rays” are also a subject of the hoaxers – here’s a couple of shots from Iran of them –

    Tabriz –
    Esfahan –

    And wispy cloud like this is something claire thinks equals chemtrails too – Khorasan –
    Tehran –
    Tehran – multiple possible “chemtrails” in this one –

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