Belief ≠ Science

I see Contrails North NZ has already covered this topic pretty well, but I thought I’d add my own thoughts, as it really is a story packed to the brim with head-against-brickwall ignorance. The gist of the story is such: NZ Member of Parliament Jim Anderton has replied to a chemtrail-hoaxer’s letter by asking for scientific proof. To quote a bit of Jim’s reply…

…I do not have any scientific credentials myself, and is the case in such circumstances I have to rely on those who do. The source you quote does not seem to have any such credentials either, and I have seen no evidence to date to suggest that the claim you make has any scientific foundation.

Well, he wouldn’t have, would he — there isn’t any. Of course, Clare & co. have had to think of how they might get some of this so-called ‘scientific evidence’. Bill Blyth suggests non-scientists using the scientific method might be in with a shot. He undermines this sensible suggestion by alluding to the fact that the existence of ‘chemtrails’ is just blindingly obvious, and draws on this analogy:

…would you need a scientific report if a tsunami was ariving in ten minutes, of cause not.” (sic)

Well, actually, unless you’d felt the earthquake that had triggered the tsunami and suspected one might be on the way, you would need a scientific report; probably relayed by a non-scientifically worded alert from the media or civil defense, but a scientifically-sourced report nonetheless. Anyway…

The problem is, of course, that no chemtrail-hoaxers ever get to the ‘experimentation’ step of the process. Instead of doing any sort of logical scientfic analysis, they tend to see a persistent contrail, at which point they jump straight to the ‘draw conclusion’ step of the process (“it’s a chemtrail!”) and call it quits.

You can see a classic example of such non-science on a subsequent post (in fact, you could just about pick any post at random, but anyway): Person sees ‘chemtrail’. Person gets sick. Thus ‘chemtrail’ has caused ‘illness’. The complete lack of any scientific rationale there is mind-boggling. Has Whitianga really been hit with wave of inexplicable disease? Has anyone checked?

It’s actually a hypothesis that is often suggested by chemtrail-hoaxers (that we’re being sprayed with various diseases in some sort of depopulation programme), and one that you’d think would be pretty easy to analyse. If you see ‘chemtrails’ (A), check hospital admissions (B). If  (A) leads to an unexpected increase in (B) then you’ve got a working hypothesis! This approach was even suggested to Clare Swinney over at Uncensored a while back, but such suggestions just lead to the usual cries of ‘disinformation agent’. Sigh.

Paeroa weighs in with, again, some sensible suggestions, which are, again, undermined by glaring problems:

A team could be assembled to interview on video, people suffering from the classic symptoms of being exposed to the sprays.

Just what are the ‘classic symptoms’? How do you prove it’s caused by the ‘chemtrails’? Oh, hold on, Paeroa continues:

Difficult to prove it’s caused by chemtrails, just need to show there is something very wrong occurring in our environment and the health issues can be linked to the common chemicals used in the spraying.

On the first point – dead right. On the second point, there very likely are problems with our environment that are causing health issues for some people, but to pin it on persistent contrails is a stretch, at best.

Still, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. If some of the chemtrail-hoaxers do apply a little scientific scrutiny to their hare-brained theories, they might well discover they’ve been woefully misguided, and decide to put their energies into some sort of activism that better serves the community. We can but hope.


6 thoughts on “Belief ≠ Science

  1. MikeC says:

    It would also be a good idea to provide some evidence as to what “the common chemicals used for spraying” actually are.

    there are a few chemtrail believvers who have applied some thought and realised it is a crock – some of them have even posted on sites such as chemtrail science & ATS IIRC. Every one is a soul saved from stupidity – every little step is a step along a journey of salvation! 🙂

    • SpaceMonkey says:

      What’s the evidence? It’s a question that I’ve placed on Clare’s website and to date remains unanswered.

      It’s no secret in the US (just not widely publicised) that some organisations have been spraying crap into the air citing weather-control experimentation and the evidence is on the ground and in the water (eventually this stuff must come down) in the form of high levels of heavy metal – mainly aluminium, barium and strontium. Some scientists studying it have are asked for a more formal investigation as the levels of toxicity are off the scale. Aluminium, for example, has been measured by the US Forest Service in Mt Shasta area in California at 1,000 ug/l. Normal levels of aluminium in water are around 0.5 ug/l. Barium at 300 ug/l should not even be there at all.

      I assumed that if chemicals were being sprayed into the air here then presumably we would see something similar, and given the level of concern that there is out there for this and the potential impact on our environment and economy, someone might’ve tested it. That’s not to say that chemtrails haven’t been or aren’t being sprayed. I just want to see evidence. Until then I’m not convinced.

    • MikeC says:

      Hey I predicted the earthquake too – what’s more I predicted much more accureatly than you – I said we’d get about 15,00 earthquakes this year, and some of them would be over magnitude 6 – you couldn’t even manage simple numbers like that!

      I also predict over 15,000 road deaths in the USA this year – much more precise than any of your statements of the bleedin’ obvious – you are such a pretentious git!

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