One doesn’t have to be a geologist…

…but it would probably help. A comment posted by Barbara over at Rose’s Contrail site (and reproduced here by Clare at ChemtrailsNorthNZ), reads thus…

A friend of mine went canoeing in Lyttelton harbour recently with a companion who had lived in Lyttelton for years. he told me his companion took him to a new hot spring which had formed in the area of Cass Bay, after the Sept 2010 quake series began. It had not been there before. I have read a recent report saying that not only are there many hot springs that have “popped” up in the peninsula.. some of them are now boiling …

One doesnt have to be a geologist to connect the dots. I think that the volcano is indeed rumbling. Ruaumoko is coming to life. My only hope is that the authorities do the right thing and evacuate the area before many more lives are lost.

Now, I’m not sure what this ‘recent report’ refers to. Presumably it’s this…

I am attaching a pdf file which shows that geologists have been aware of and monitoring warm springs that have begun popping up in the christchurch for the past 25 years. The government and geologists cannot claim “no knowledge” of this. The published study shows this. Interestingly this publication in now very hard to find on the internet.. it was relatively easy to find up until two weeks ago.. makes one wonder why??

Neither Rose nor Clare bother to link to the aforementioned PDF (jauntily entitled “Hydrogeological implications of geology at the boundary of Banks Peninsula volcanic rock aquifers and Canterbury Plains fluvial gravel aquifers”), and apparently it’s “hard to find on the internet”. It does make wonder why, doesn’t it? Have the powers-that-be managed to nobble the internet so as to make this crucial information inaccessible to the worried public? Are ‘they’ covering things up? How could we circumvent their nefarious ways and track down a copy of said research?

How about typing the name of the article in Google? Ah, yes: fourth hit (no wonder it was hard to find!), full text PDF download from the New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics.

A read through of the article reveals that springs haven’t been “popping up” for the last 25 years, but have, in fact, been a known part of Banks Peninsula geology since they were first noted in 1884. Various drilling and surverys have revealed more warm water springs over the last hundred and something years. Nothing unusual there, then.

Of course, if new springs are ‘popping up’ now, post-earthquake, and they are ‘boiling’ as reported, that might be an indicator that something’s amiss, surely? The volcano is coming to life? What do the scientists say? Geonet have been kind enough to answer questions on the Banks Peninsula Volcano facebook page (yes, of course there’s a facebook page for that). A few Geonet comments worth noting…

…there have been reports that springs in the Lyttelton area have warmed up, but this is not a surprise following a large earthquake. After the 4 Sept earthquake, changes in springs and bores were seen all across Canterbury and beyond – even as far as parts of North Island. The shaking opens up small cracks and pores in the sediments beneath the earth’s surface and can let water move around – potentially bringing warm water from depth up through normally cool springs. After 4 September, GNS monitored bores around the country to watch the changes. So although the effects are likely to be most obvious near to the epicentre, they occur over a wide area.

The Banks Peninsula volcanos are long extinct with the last eruptions around 6 or so million years ago. There is no chance of them erupting again as the plate boundary conditions that allowed them to form in the first place no longer exist. 6 Million years is a long time in a volcano sense and volcanism that once existed along the east coast of the south island has long finished. All current and future volcanic activityin NZ will be located in the North Island.

If volcano unrest does occur we see quite different types of earthquakes from what we are seeing now. During volcano unrest we see earthquakes that indicate magma movement which are quite distinct from the tectonic earthquakes we see now.

All the scientific modelling of the data over the last weeks and months shows conclusively that the Canterbury earthquakes are due to fault movement only. There is no volcanic component to them at all. The ground deformation has also been modelled and this shows only fault related movement and nothing to suggest intrusion of magma beneath the Peninsula. Again if this were the case it would produce a quite distinct signatutre much different to what has been recorded.

Any hot springs in the area are also not volcano related, again water that is part of a volcanic system has quite different chemical make up to “non volcanic” hot springs and the 2 can be easily distinguished.

The fact that there are old volcanoes near to where the earthquakes are located is really just coincidence.

But they would say that, wouldn’t they.


Republicans miss “Climate Change is real” memo

Something that all the local conspiracy sites seem to agree on is that Climate Change is a sham: some sort of trumped up NWO-orchestrated campaign designed to aid-and-abet in the forthcoming World Government, depopulation, increased taxes, whatever…

And, of course, the governments of the world are right in behind this: carbon credits, carbon taxes and multinational treaties that limit pollution levels are (amongst other things) ‘evidence’ that the ‘elite’ are having their wicked way with us, the unsuspecting ‘sheeple’.

So, what are the Republicans thinking when they vote down legislation that acknowledges the existence of climate change? Surely a party full of NWO-insiders, Bilderberg Members and Illuminati faithful, the very same party that was in power on 9/11,  would be wholeheartedly behind the climate change hoax? But no…

House Republicans also rejected an amendment offered by Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) Tuesday that called on Congress to accept the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring in large part due to human activity. The amendment failed in a 21-30 party-line vote. No Republicans voted in favor of the amendment.

Who’d’ve ever thought our own local ‘Truth’ seekers and the US Republicans would be singing off the same song-sheet?

(And, hey, you Americans out there, this now means that a vote for Sarah Palin is a vote for Truth!)

Nothing to see here…

OpenUrEyes, in best copy’n’paste fashion, reports (via PrisonPlanet)…

True scale of nuclear crisis suppressed by Japanese authorities, aided by castrated and slavish mass media.

Emphasis mine. So, wow — the castrated and slavish mass media, eh? Keeping us in the dark, down-playing the threat, lulling us into a false sense of security!? How dare they! So, just how is the world’s mainstream media candy-coating this impending disaster?

  • Today’s Wellington’s Dom Post front page: “Apocalypse Now!”
  • The UK Telegraph: “Japan crisis: meltdown alert raises spectre of nuclear nightmare‎”
  • The Australian: “Pump failure raises meltdown risk
  • World Magazine: “Japan faces threat of nuclear disaster

Well, you can see how the fears of the ‘sheeple’ would be alleviated by that kind of rose-tinted glasses reporting, couldn’t you?

Hilariously enough, having criticised the MSM for their lack of coverage, the Prison Planet article bases its own story on information gleaned from the BBC, the Seattle Times, the National Journal, Australia’s ABC, and even (really) Fox News.

Furthermore, after some poking around teh intawebs on the topic, you can find this Guardian report: Japan radiation leaks feared as nuclear experts point to possible cover-up, which is pretty similar (in its informational content, if not quite the same breathless tone) as the PrisonPlanet piece, stating, amongst other things, that…

Nuclear experts have thrown doubt on the accuracy of official information issued about the Fukushima nuclear accident, saying that it followed a pattern of secrecy and cover-ups employed in other nuclear accidents … “The actions of the Japanese government are completely contrary to their words. They have evacuated 180,000 people but say there is no radiation. They are certain to have readings but we are being told nothing.”

You know, if this is the MSM trying to assist in a cover-up, I don’t think they’re doing a very good job.

UPDATE! A follow-up piece from OpenUrEyes, again with the assertion that “The Nuclear Crisis In Japan Is Much Worse Than Either The Mainstream Media Or The Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us”. And the sources for the “27 Signs That The Nuclear Crisis In Japan Is Much Worse Than Either The Mainstream Media Or The Japanese Government Have Been Telling Us”? Let’s see: the Japanese Government, Reuters, the Telegraph, Haaertz, CNBC, the Daily Mail, the Wall Street Journal, the Helsinki Times, the Times of India and CNN.


Coming soon: geoengineered shadows

I can’t for the life of me see why this cloud formation is either “weird” or in any way “geo-engineered”.

If my cloud-recognition abilities are correct (which they may not be — feel free to correct me here), all we’re seeing here is a bit of old-fashioned cumulo-nimbus. Yes? Maybe some cumulo-stratus drifting around there as well?

Can someone enlighten me what the chemtrail-hoaxers are seeing here that I’m not?

UPDATE! Clare has thoughtfully posted a comment with her ‘reasoning’…

Firstly, look at the round indentation in the thin cloud material in the middle of the photo … What caused that circular indentation? According to Weatherwars.Info, Scott Stevens’ website: Holes in the clouds, where holes would not otherwise be, are direct evidence that scalar technology can deliver these negative ionic bursts into storms reducing their ability to make rain or even the ability of a cloud to provide shade on a hot summer afternoon.

What round indentation? How is that Clare is able to things we mere mortals can’t?

Also, in the background on the left-hand side of the photo there are three clouds with distinct FLAT bottoms. This is not natural and another indicator some form of technolgy is being used.

Seriously? Clouds with flat bottoms aren’t natural? Someone needs to correct all those meteorological handbooks! (And no-one show Clare any photos of the aforementioned cumulus clouds, she might, you know, freak out).

Comet Elenin

Recently discovered Comet Elenin is causing a stir amongst the conspiracy blogs as another potential candidate for the mythical 2012 Nibiru Earth-destroying celestial body. (Which it isn’t, in case you were worried).

Our very own MysteriousNZ crew get in on the action by asking some pertinent questions. Crakka wonders…

Is it a coincidence that the name of that comet is an anagram for “The Nine”? Interesting…

You know, try as I might, I can’t make the letters of “ELENIN” into the words “THE NINE” (I was never any good at crosswords though — if there’s some trick to this I’m missing, feel free to leave a comment below). Maybe it’s just more likely that it was named after Leonid Elenin, the Russian astronomer who discovered it?

Adds Niksta (who, to his credit, doesn’t buy into the Elenin scaremongering):

What I think about on a regular basis is that massive huge monster comet McNaught. We hardly heard a peep out of NAStyA or anyone, and yet the fuzzing thing took up a sizable portion of the sky!! Prolly only just missed us.

There’s lots of comet McNaughts (Robert H. McNaught has discovered quite a few), but, from the photo provided and the mention of its size we’re presumably talking about this one (C/2006 P1), which did indeed put on a nice show when it swung by a few years back, and was, according to the scientists, one of the biggest comets so far discovered.

So, how close did it get? Says Wikipdedia:

The comet was visible in daylight about 5°- 10° southeast of the Sun from January 12 to 14, with a peak brightness of magnitude -5.5. Perigee (closest approach to the Earth) was January 15, 2007, at a distance of 0.82 AU.

0.82 AU = 122,670,360km.

So, further from Earth than the orbit of Mars (a lot further, in fact).

In the words of Lance Corporal Jack Jones: “Don’t Panic!