Hyperbolic headline grabs attention!

I’m not sure why Clare has deemed the swamping of a small ferry by a rogue wave in Wellington harbour as worthy of a post on her Northland-based chemtrails-orientated blog, but, well, there ya go.


5 thoughts on “Hyperbolic headline grabs attention!

  1. anonymousatco says:

    Nothing she post surprises me anymore it just gets crazier and crazier. I especially enjoy Wills updates re: Nelson chemtrailing. As a fellow nelsonian its fair to say hes seeing lots of things that just aint there!

  2. CNNZ says:

    Clare’s site is going down hill fast. Her delusional mind is spinning out over anything and everything. The post about the “important message about the sun” cracks me up, that guy is on drugs or needs drugs i wouldn’t call it important at all.

    The hate for anyone higher than her in the food chaine is very evident. I myself am happy with someone being in a higher responsibility role getting paid more than myself this is always going to be the case but here we have people who can’t handle it, anyone above them on any level is evil.

    Anonymousatco: i know what your saying about lots of things that just aint there. We get the same thing in Whangarei with Clare. She thinks there is planes spraying all the high cloud and has even pointed me to videos showing planes spraying parallel lines, this is not the case, there is no more planes seen than whats on the airport time tables. I don’t know what the hell is going on in her head but its not real thats for sure.

    These people should not be allowed the internet.

  3. MikeC says:

    Have you ever looked up the “Apology” Clare received for being detained in hospital?

    I did – and a couple of things struck me:

    1/ She was in hospital because family members thought she might be suicidal.

    2/ The specific grounds for he case are that holding “the Americans did it” views on 9/11 are insufficient as they are “political” and therefore exempt under the mental health act – ie you can’t hospitalise someone for holding political view no matter how odd.

    And the Doctor concerned did only mention her 9/11 delusion in regard to holding her.

    I suspect had he known of all her other fruit loopery her appeal might not have been successful – from the wording it looks like multiple delusions would be a good case!!

  4. CNNZ says:

    Yeah and did you see her photobucket page, court documents OMG! She foolishly put a link up to it in one of her posts last year. I don’t think i really wanted to see it – not good.

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