Rainblow blob

David W. of North Canterbury, has submitted some pretty pictures to Clare, and writes…

Attached are some photos of 23rd of April…. You will notice the first one, where the rainbow blob is, and yet the sun was about 20 degrees away!

I would hazard a guess that the sun wasn’t ‘about’ 20 degrees away, but was, in fact, exactly 22 degrees from the rainbow.

That’s just a guess, mind.


Errrrr, what?

…is, I imagine, the reaction that will be given to Rod Baker’s letter to Nick Smith, reproduced here over at Clare’s.

Because I’ve read through it a couple of times now, and am still not completely au fait with what Mr Baker is getting at. Particularly that last paragraph (with its fantastic non sequitur, that has Nick Smith agreeing with whatever it is that’s been suggested through the mere act of not replying). “Transfer of ions to the solar wind”? “[D]arker clouds [forming] from ionized heavy metals”? WTF?

Could someone with a more scientific bent (or just a bent of any type?) please interpret for us lay-people? Ta.

April Fools

Rose over at the CONTrail (and reposted by Clare, here) posts some info about an ‘anomaly over Christchurch’. Here’s the vid…

Wow. Massive blue glowing ‘vortexes’ over New Brighton? Freaky stuff.

What’s even freakier, to my mind, is that no-one else saw them. The original source of the YouTube vid ProfanityDubstepNZ, does state that the photos shown in the video were taken at 5am in the morning. His mate, Rudy P, who supplied the photos to ProfanityDubstepNZ says…

My Mum took these photos at about 5am on 29th March from her balcony on Scarborough Hill in Sumner Christchurch. The city lights you can see is New Brighton area. She said this thing stayed visible well into the day

ProfanityDubstepNZ tries to defend the lack of any corroborating witnesses by commenting…

Take in to fact that this happened at 5am in Christchurch, we were only hit by that 6.3 just over a month ago and it is said up to 200,000 people have left the city out of a population of not even 1,000,000 before the time, take it from me its a lot quieter around here so im thankful we have photo’s

The actual population of Christchurch is a bit under 400,000, so even if we accept half that number did leave the city after the quake (and haven’t returned), we’re still left with the fact that the only witness so far claimed that this anomaly was visible “well into the day”, and that not one of the remaining one-fifth of a million people remaining in the city spotted these huge glowing blue vortices hovering above the city’s eastern suburbs.

Naturally, chemtrails have to get involved. Says Bill Blyth

There also seems to be a faint line of a CT in one of the shots.4th pic down from the top.

That’s this photo. Crank up the levels, and you can see that the said chemtrail is, in fact, the window-frame of the room from where the photo was taken. (Also visible here, here and here.)

So, there are two possibilities:

On the one hand we have a youtube user whose mate’s mum took some photos of a quite extraordinary phenomenon. There really was an anomaly of some sort over New Brighton, but it was completely missed by the rest of the population, despite being visible into the daylight hours, when tens of thousands of people would have been passing directly underneath it (not to mention the many people who would’ve been awake and working at 5am anyway).


It’s just someone messing about with torches.

You decide.