I can’t stop arguing with conspiracy theorists. It’s a strange habit, I know.


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  1. tryblinking says:

    I know. Arguing with conspiracy theorists is a strange habit, but somehow intriguing. It’s like that 3-legged dog; you don’t want to look, but you just can’t help it.

    I’ve tried staying away from the Chemtrail hoax, but I just can’t. There”ll always be someone letting paranoia and pseudoscience take control of them (and their wallets), and we can only do so much to introduce some of these to simple science and real reason.

    For those too far gone though, it’s a shame to realise nothing can be done, but show them where they are wrong, sit back, and watch them flail with accusations and faulty logic.

    Basically, after a certain point, it just becomes schadenfreude.

  2. I’m glad someone has taken the time to tackle this subject, especially in New Zealand.

    I’m disgusted with the crap I’ve seen floating around the internet, particularly Claire Swinney’s nonsense. Great to see you taking her pseudo-scientific piffle to pieces.

  3. I have many research books…..happy to email them to you anytime. The conspiracy people who drive you nuts….remember: they are really media researchers. To stop the infighting it’s good to just go by the numbers. America 202 Trillion in debt total, gave away 16.1 Trillion, have the GAO report if you want to see it. 700 plus military bases world wide…USA fires the bullets while everything is controlled by Europe. America shoots the bullets, pays for everything and then get’s blamed.

    With 1000, 400 Trillion Dollars in Global Derivatives the weight of this can’t continue. Email anytime. Cheers,

    • MikeC says:

      Fractional reserve banking has been the norm for decades – I can vaguely remember in the 70’s when the Govt would vary the fraction of funds required to be kept in reserve as a primary means of regulating the economy.

      It is not a ponzi scheme unless you are bad at research! 🙂

  4. Raymond says:

    Is there any rule to say someone like Rose from kaikoura cant teach her kids this brainwashing shit?

    Imagine being told this stuff by your perants! Staying outside under these orange clouds will make you sick!

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