Finally got that Freemason invite!

Hahahahaha! This blog was always destined to FAIL! No posts or comments in over a year. Maybe the annoying little boy that started this blog actually grew up?! They all do eventually and figure out how immature & futile their pursuit of “professional argumentativeness” actually is. Ce la vie. Yet another in a long line of silly hobby “debunking” sites bites the dust while actual truth moves on as ever… gone AND forgotten!

So sayest the fantastically named ‘NutbarsnzRtheRealNutbars’ in a typically considered, thoughtful comment from the conspiracy theorist side of the fence. (And I’d be impressed if the email address they commented with really was ‘’.)

Anyway, as NutbarsnzRtheRealNutbars has pointed out, this site has been put on indefinite hiatus. As the site byline states, I’ve been banging my head against various conspiracy theories for a few years now, and you can only point out other people’s mistakes for so long before realising they’re never going to (or will never want to) learn. The chemtrail hoax is pretty well dealt with by other sites (notably Metabunk and Contrail Science) for anyone who’s at all confused about the science behind contrails (and the non-science behind ‘chemtrails’).


And smashdracs! I’d’ve put you at the top if you’d just asked!

Oh and on another related sidenote that some here may find amusing… before I stated adding any comments in these forums I did a little back-reading and followed a few links. One that I visited only a few times was this rather silly little debunking blog called nutbarsnz. I laughed raucously at the massive amount of spamming they were receiving from one commenter in particular before the blog pretty much dried up (and blew away) just over a year ago. Cut a long story short

Oh, come on Karmakazi Angel!? Surely you’re not accusing our favourite commenter – Biblical Prophet – of being a ‘spammer’? He just made, um, ‘interesting’ points. Unlike, say, MysteriousNZ, Clare Swinney or The Contrail, I’m not in the habit of deleting comments or banning people whose views disagree with my own.

Rightio, leaving the chemtrail hoaxers to their paranoid little delusions … now.