The endgame begins…

In the US Fema camps are being brought online and contractors are sought to be on standby to be at these camps in 72 hours to welcome the first of the millions of dispossessed Americans arrive for a smooth elimination after President Obama signs S 1876 allowing the military to arrest and round up Americans whom they deem dangerous.

All of this was predicted by smarter people than me but I was able to see this coming from a mile six years ago thanks to these smart people. I hope A reads this and sometime in the future he might even have to admit I was right all along even though being right was one of my greatest fears.

…writes Travellerev, lamenting her (ex?) friend’s lack of faith in her predictive abilities¬†(emphasis mine).

So, there ya go. Within the week, we’ll be seeing the first of millions of ¬†Americans rounded up and placed into the aforementioned FEMA camps.

I, like Travellerev, certainly hope that when this happens ‘A’, whoever he might be, will admit his mistake!

Of course, if it doesn’t happen, do the people who predicted it need to acknowledge their mistake?

UPDATE: Naturally, in the mind of Travellerev, this isn’t actually a hard and fast prediction (despite the words I’ve quoted verbatim from her site), and now states that the intake of ‘prisoners’…

…could be tomorrow or in the next thee years or whatever.

Or ‘whatever’. Such¬†prescience!