Sto pro veritate

Travellrev, over at Aotearoa: a wider perspective, has had enough! Not for the first time, though, she’s made a few, presumably inadvertent, errors in her post. Since I’m banned from commenting over there, I thought I’d just post a corrected version here… Continue reading


Earthquakes on a grid?

Another interesting post over at Clare’s notes an unusual ‘grid pattern’ to earthquakes taking place near the Canary Islands and in Eastern Turkey recently.

“Surely this is unnatural” states Clare. And, yes, it certainly looks a bit odd. What could it be? Surely such a clean, delineated pattern must be the result of human interference?!

Well, to a degree, it is. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre website, from which the images of the grid-like pattern are taken, are rounding the longitude/latitude co-ordinates of every single recorded earthquake to 2 decimal points. As such, any swarm of quakes in the same area will appear to be evenly spaced from each other as the rounding effect pushes each quake onto the grid created from that mechanism.

The ‘gridding’ effect only becomes apparent when there’s a lot of earthquakes very close together, which allows for a zoom level high enough to allow it to become apparent, but, rest assured, every single earthquake on the EMSC gmap will appear on the intersection points of that grid. It’s impossible for them to not appear on those points!

Looking at it right now, you can see exactly the same effect is still taking place in the Canary Islands and Turkey. Here’s the snapshot of (at the time of writing) recent Canary Islands quakes, with the long/lat grid overlaid to illustrate what’s happening. (Edit: yes, I mislabelled the first longitude point – it shoud be 18.03W)…

Here’s another one, Turkey this time…

Now, as explained above, you need a pretty large number of quakes in a very small area for the grid to become obvious (you need to be able zoom in close enough for it to really jump out at you), and the only places where that kind of swarm is occurring at the moment is in the Canary Islands, and in Turkey, which have both already been fingered as ‘unnatural’. How about a series of four quakes in the North Atlantic, far from anywhere, and surely off the NWO’s radar? Are they on the grid…?

Of course they are.

Given the way the EMSC is plotting them, they have to be.

(Note: I’ve only drawn on the relevant long/lat grid lines here, as it was going to get too cluttered otherwise. This is a good example of how you need a decent cluster of quakes for the effect to show up in any obvious way. At this zoom level, the pattern is still there, but not so apparent.)

How high are you?

Steven Clougher, over at MysteriousNZ, in regards to the cruising altitude of NZ domestic flights, states that…

When on internal flights, around 27,000ft is common
36,000ft for international flights, as I recall

Is this true, I wonder? (Surely it is, after all, Steven is on record as being vehemently against conjecture). How about a quick check on to find the altitude of planes over NZ airspace at the moment?

It lists one domestic flight – AirNZ Flight 526 from Christchurch to Auckland. Its altitude…?


Click to embiggen

And actually, as I write, I can watch Jetstar flight 261 from Auckland to Wellington (the plane just south of Waiuku in the image above) climbing out of AKL to a height of … 30000ft (as it gets close to passing over New Plymouth).

But, hey, don’t let reality get in the way of your assumptions, eh?

Is The Aerosol Material Up There To Facilitate Corporations’ Transmissions?

Well, no. Although someone over at Clare’s would beg to differ…

…it’s completely overcast the whole of Auckland … And guess what, there’s the live All Blacks game at Eden Park on TV tonight – big deal…they’ve got it covered though, becasue there ain’t no sun to interfere with their satellite transmission, not that there would have been at 7.30pm anyway – just testing for the real thing though, eh … I say there is absolutely no chance of the sun getting in the way of their precious satellite transmission ($$$$) for the World Cup or any other satellite transmission – they already have that sorted with the white haze and grey CRAP they put up into our beautiful skies. I’m currently of the belief that that crap up there, [aerosol material], IS for their satellite transmissions …

It is, of course, true that there’s a chance that the sun might interfere with live TV broadcasts during the cup, as the satellite supplying all the NZ broadcasters, is going to be passing in front of the sun around that time. From the Herald

Sun outages happen during the summer and winter equinoxes in April and September, when day and night are of equal length. The phenomenon occurs when the satellite passes directly between the antenna on earth and the sun. All World Cup broadcasters share the same satellite – Optus D1. Sun outages would hit regions at slightly different times but disruptions would last for a quarter of an hour each day, for a fortnight, TVNZ Transmission services manager Wayne Huggard told NZPA. Viewers who had a standard satellite-dish would experience outages between September 4 and September 12. The peak outage would be at 1.20pm at on September 8, and last for 14 minutes

Bummer. So how is this likely to affect the “precious satellite transmission ($$$$)” of actual World Cup games?

A pool match between Scotland and Romania on September 10 at 1pm has been scheduled during a sun outage.

And that’s it. One game. And remember, this outage is only affecting NZ viewers, who are a tiny proportion of the world-wide audience. To protect their precious $$$$, the powers-that-be are supposedly pumping aerosol material into the atmosphere to save a few minutes of broadcast time for those of us here in NZ who are desperate to watch the Scots beat up their Eastern European cousins.

Even worse, whether it’s cloudy or not will make little difference to the sun’s effect on the broadcast. What’s relevant is that sun outages cause interference in the microwave part of the spectrum, which is the same bandwidth satellites use for broadcasting. Cloud coverage is irrelevant (which is why satellite transmissions continue to work when it’s cloudy), although you do run the risk of rain fade should it get too damp up there.

Someone should have a word to the Corporations physics team before they waste any more of their precious $$$$ on unnecessary and ineffectual chemtrailing missions.